Meet MailHero

The All-in-one Gmail Extension. The future of Gmail. Launch this August.

Save to Cloud

Save any email to Evernote, OneNote, Asana, Trello, etc. with 1 click.

Email Tracking

Know who read your email. Know when to follow up.


Put it off until later today, or tomorrow, or pick your date.

Linked Messages

View related messages without doing anything

Quick Reply

Reply email with 1 click!

Email Templates

Insert predefined templates to be more productive


Never miss any important opportunities with Reminder

Sender Later

Schedule email and send in the future.

Attachment View

Browse and find attachments faster!

Our Story

We are a small team, behind the desktop app Markly. Now we have thousands of customers worldwide.

Save important email to cloud services

Save any email message to cloud services, such as, Evernote, OneNote, Asana, Trello, etc. with a single click! No more copy & paste.

Supported services at the moment:

Send tracked messages

Email Tracking enables you to know if the receiver had already viewed the message, thus you can determine when to follow up. This makes your support and sales team more responsive and productive.

Want to Learn More Features?

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Our pricing is very simple. Just pay as you need. When we added more features in the future, you don't need to pay for anything more.

billed annualy or $10 month-to-month.
All features included.
Cancel anytime.

Have Questions?

Q & A

Is MailHero free?
No. Because we need to cover the cost of the server, the Gmail API, and the development.
Can MailHero work with multiple Gmail accounts?
How does MailHero work?
You simply install a small Chrome extension, then you will find MailHero integrated with your Gmail user interface. When opened the Gmail page, just follow the instructions to use.
Do I have to install the extension to each of my browsers?
Yes. If you want to use MailHero on multiple browsers, just install it per your need.
How does MailHero access my emails? Do you have my password?
MailHero does not have access to your Gmail password. It uses Google’s OpenID/OAuth2 authorization under your supervision.
Do you store my emails?
Never. Because we don't have your password.
How can I uninstall MailHero?
Just uninstall the Chrome extension, and MailHero will never try to access your Gmail data again.
Does MailHero work with Google Apps?
Sure, indeed.